ACI Concrete Strength Training Class

February 23, 2021
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Lehigh Cement
301 Hwy.31
Sellersburg, IN 47172

ACI Concrete Strength Training Examination
The Kentucky Chapter of ACI has implemented social distancing at the examinations and face mask
will be required. Additional instructions will be provided when your registration is confirmed.
When: February 23, 2021 8:00 am
Where: Lehigh Cement (Speed Plant)

301 Highway 32
Sellersburg, IN

Cost: $650 per person to be paid with registration or prior to start of class

All cancellations will be charged for price of manual.

Class Objectives: C-39 Compressive strength of a cylinder
C-78 Flexural strength of a beam
C-1231 un-bonded capping
C-617 bonded capping to become a Certified Strength Technician.

Items to Bring: Face Mask, Calculator, and Safety Glasses
Items Included: CP–19, 24th Edition: Technician Workbook for ACI Certification of Concrete Strength
Testing Technician
PLEASE NOTE: Starting in 2021 ACI Workbooks will not contain ASTM Standards. It will be the
responsibility of the student to bring the required ASTM associated practices and test methods.


$600.00 Class Registration Fee

$600.00 Class Registration Fee